My abusers were holy women.

He was the first, but not the last.  I have a lot of brothers and I’m not Mormon! Just Irish Catholic.  Well, I am of Irish descent and once I was Catholic.  That was before the Catholic orphanage “St Paul’s Home for Boys and Girls. Home?  That’s a misnomer.  It was run by the Sisters of Mercy,  another misnomer.  Not in any way were they merciful, in fact what they did would be charageable today.  I mean,  they would be arrested for assault and child abuse.  My 2nd grade nun used to pick us up out of our seats by our ears!  They all hit, fast and hard.

I think now, that they’re lives were probably pretty miserable.  The nuns in charge of the dormitories lived in small cells,  very plain.  They didn’t get days off,  were not paid,  worked 24 hours a day.  Like a mom,  but violent.  They had no supervisors,  of course there was a school principal and a mother superior,  but no one said anything to stop their violence.  Their behavior was not reviewed once a year,  raises were not dependent on how they performed their jobs.  So, they were probably miserable, unhappy women.  But we were children, some orphans, some divorced,  terrified and beaten.  Fuck them.  Maybe that’s what Jesus would say too.  Assuming of course that there actually is a god.  I’m pretty convinced the behavior of believers prove there is no god.

anybody else have horror stories about nuns?


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