My brother, my abuser

One lesson I learned very well was not to trust.  If someone who should protect you can hurt you, no one is worthy of trust.  So it’s hard for me to make friends.  Initially upon meeting someone,  I don’t like them.  That is not to say I dislike them,  it’s more correct to say I don’t like them yet, because they are unknown.  Actions!  I watch everyone’s actions and don’t listen so much to their words.  People say one thing then do a different thing.  So I watch how they treat wait staff in restaurants.  Are they kind to the elderly?  How do they treat children or the disabled.  That way I know for sure if they are worthy of trust.

Once trusted,  unless something happens,  that trust goes on and on and liking grows sometimes love.

But once proven untrustworthy- well it’s hard to back away from that.  Once burned, twice shy!

There must be others that feel this way.  I’d love to hear


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