Nuns and Priests! a vocation to God to beat the hell out of children

When I was 7 my mom was expecting our last baby,  her 10th.  Did I mention we were Irish Catholic?  oh hell yes.  Well it was a very dangerous pregnancy, a placenta previa.  But we were Catholics at a Catholic Hospital so no ending that even with 9 other kids at home,  oldest only 15.

She was on bed rest for awhile so her bed was moved down stairs.  My parents had twin beds their entire married lives. {still managed 10 kids!}  and when the baby began to arrive the placenta separated as they do in these cases and she began to hemorrhage. Luckily they got her to the hospital in time, both lives were saved but they did a total hysterectomy and a few days later an emergency surgery to take out her gall bladder.  My mom completely shut down and became catatonic.  She was in the hospital for a while and not improving so my aunt checked her out AMA- against medical orders. She went home with my aunt,  and after some time she began to learn to walk and talk and feed and dress herself again.

But 6 of us went to a Catholic orphanage.  St Paul’s Home for Boys and Girls.  Not very homelike.  Brutal nuns terrifying nuns in their habits and huge belts with giant rosaries that were swell for hitting.  no wonder Jeebus has great abs.

The Jesuits say something like this “give me a child until it is 7 and I will give you the man”.  Worked the opposite for me.  I was too young to know if I believed in a “Supreme Bean” like we learned in 1st grade but I can guarantee you that I would never, ever believe again.

That passage in the bible about prayer?  the one that goes ask, knock and you will be given.  Bullshit.

Any one else spend any time at good old ST Pauls Home for Boys and Girls?


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