Dental Phobia! eeeeeeeeek!

St Paul’s Home for Boys and Girls!  Sounds so nice, doesn’t it?  Well,  I call it the Gulag and it’s been over 50 years since I was there.  While we were there, we had to see the dentist.  I remember that VERY well.  I had to go to that building all by myself.  There were 2 other little girls waiting before me.  We were sitting in a corridor and the dentist’s office door was closed.  Screaming!  who ever was already in there was screaming and the screaming went on and on.  Not Crying or sobbing but screaming!  How could this be?  What could be happening?  We did not know and just looked at one another.  Finally I couldn’t take any more and I just got up and left. Out the the door, down the sidewalk and then up the driveway.  Enough was enough and I was going to run away. Well the Gulag was a big place, the drive way was long and I guess Sister Mary Torture saw me and sent someone after me.  And right back to the corridor I was taken.  No more Screaming now.  When it was my turn I asked Dr Hatechildren what had happened.  He said “she would not behave” .  huh?

Well its 50 years later and one of my PTSD symptoms is I am terrified of the dentist,  which has a bunch of subsets like I wish I was invisible,  I hate to be touched and more.

But my teeth have of course not done well.  So right now I am going to a local dental college to have a bunch of dental work done.  I told my dental student everything,  even though I figured she would think I was batshit crazy.  But as it turns out she is wonderful; gentle, caring and patient.

plus,  I am incredibly lucky that my brother is paying for this and its a lot of money.  Way less than a regular dentist but still….7 root canals, 7 crowns,  deep scaling cleaning,  lots of other fillings.  I am so deeply grateful.

But still a lot terrified.

Anybody else feel like tis?


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