My therapist is a christian. That’s just plain weird to me

I am most definitely not a believer.  I think  deists are deluded, believing in myths,  zombie gods,  a bible full of contradictions.  I also think most of them are liars and hypocrites, and women haters and fearers.  They talk about love,  but they don’t act about love.  And oddly they are obsessed with sex!

On paper we don’t work.  He’s a man,  a former Army Ranger, he’s written bible based counseling books.  He’s patriarchal and paternal. He’s a creationist and a young earth believer.

We [I] talk about childhood sex abuse,  rape, violent nuns, neglectful parents, incest and occasionally god.

He thinks I’m mad at god.  I think that’s laughable : mad at an entity that doesn’t exist!

But he is the 5th therapist in my life and the only one I have made any progress with.  I find that confounding, but i am grateful.  I don’t wake up every day wanting to die,  so that is damn good progress.  Not to say that those feelings have gone away entirely,  but not immediately upon waking.

Today he dropped the F bomb 3 times.  That would be forgiveness.  Nope, I’m not ready for that.

Be more likely to see zombie jeebus before that.


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