The other Fbomb- forgiveness. BAH!!!

Forgiveness?  I’m actually just beginning to find my anger.  So, how about a little punishment instead?

Oh, too late!  The statute of limitations is up!  Alas!  Too bad, so sad.

So, it seems like you guys got away with a lot,  and I got a life sentence of suffering.  Somehow that doesn’t seem like justice.  Some of you are dead without ever even knowing how you hurt me,  and how what you did continues to hurt. For me, for my own sake  I am trying to vomit out these secrets, at least to my counselor.

Sometimes, in the process of letting go, I miss my secrets, my demons.  They are familiar  those coping mechanisms and I am unsure how to act without them.  Some of them made me even sicker so they’ve got to go.  They all got to go!

I am weary of my secrets and my pain though, so I want to learn to live without them.

How about you?  Anyone else strugling with forgiveness?


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