i quit!

Well  i meant to anyway. But to do so I had to tell a bunch of lies about how well
I amding:seting boundaries and journaling and going outside of my house, and continuing teaching reading. That last was easy because i really enjoy it ani  and continuing teaching reading.  tjat last was easy because i really enjoy it and I think it helps him.  
and i had think it helps him.  and i had to act all happy.

That last was is easy because I’ve been doing it so

Also, i was planning on my last meeting with my dentist,  1 year of cleanings filling, torture, 7 root canals 7 crowns I got all that work done at nova dental shhool.  i was very fortunate with their choice of dental student. i told her every thing i hated included being touched at all,  and she was so considerate. i was so grateful i knitted her a scarf and my neice made her a plate with a drawing f a tooth wearing  a crown.  i used to wear a different toy crown every time we worked on a crown tooth.the other students would want to see! it was funny and as long as i was wearing it i coul d stay pretty calm/

but our work was done, just one final cleaning and she would be graded .  it was fortunately for her that i ned so much. and since i am retired i could come in ever week.  i was never late and never canceled.


and i though i could break up with my reading student as well since he got a job so he won

beavailble so much.  then if i could break ip with my therapist ?!? then i would have to reason to go out except for publix, and no one  could say i hadn’t tried reallu hard.

but therapist guy refuses tobreak up. so does he realize tha ti am a liar?  probably i am prettu transparent i guess. i’m no paying him and he foregoes his lunchhour so i seej exploitative.

I am a lot better;  insomnia better,  anxiety marginally better, hardly any panic attacls

Except for the time i broke up with the therapist,  then a bad one: while driving too.  i had to pullover and it took a couple of hours until i was prepared to drive again..
so I dUnno. I’m counting on “post hoc, ergc propter hoc”


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