Easter in the Orphanage

Haha! Really, I call the Orphange- “The Gulag” ! Obviously, I felt like a prisoner.
But it was a Catholic gulag, so we had Mass every sunday, first Fridays, Holy days of Obligation, Easter vigil, Novenas and a never ending list of days and hours that had to be spent on our knees in chapel on kneelers with no padding. But we had to keep our backs straight lest Sister could see us slump….Beware the NUNs!!!
They had vowed poverty, chastity and violence toward children. For Jeebus they took such vows! And wore plain god wedding rings to prove their unending love for Jeebus and hatred for children. You could see those rings glint as they swung their hands are your face. Oh, and don’t forget the Blessed Mother….how she weeps when she hears little girls whistle!
Well, one of my aunts was a nun, a sister of “mercy” was the order in the gulag and
also of my aunt. My aunt: Girlie we called her was the best ever. She sent pounds of chocolate crosses for us for Easter. We all got our little chairs lined up and had one – only one- cross and we thought about the suffering of Jeebus on the cross.
All I thought about was one day I would have revenge upon sister Loretta.
She’s probably dead now, but given what I know about the suffering she caused this Jeebus guy she beleieved in, must have spoken very sternly to her before send her straight to hell.
But really the best revenge is that when she died she finally knew there is no jeebus no nothing just dirty dirt. I’m somewhat satisfied with that


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