today someone broke my heart

I volunteer with the adult literacy program.  I’ve been doing it for about 11 years . During that time I have taught young and old,  both sexes, all races,  many nationalities but mostly Americans.  it’s pretty easy, i just show up and listen, help with pronunciation and spelling, check homework. in all these years not one person has been late,  no one cancelled an appointment.  they work so hard.

my current student is ready to move on.  he is 36,  getting his driver’s license this week.  he has gotten a full-time job.  I am so proud of him he has worked so hard.

I am getting a new student, he is 30 years old and only knows his abc’s up to e.  however he has a job .  most of them already do.

but any way I am so excited, i told all my friends. in all these years no one’s first question ever was “what nationality” ?  why does that matter?

I am reminded of the bible verse luke 25, the good Samaritan.  all the jews passed by the injured man because he was different,  other.  but the good Samaritan stopped and helped, make sure he would be able to heal somewhere safe and he did not say “what nationality” and Matthew 8,  when the Roman centurion touched the hem of Jesus’ robe hoping in faith that his dying servant would be healed,  Jesus did not interrogate him about his background.

jesus told us that the first great commandment was to love the Lord God our father with all our heart mind and soul.  The 2nd great commandment was to love our neighbor as our self. he did not say to ascertain the nationality of our neighbor.

all day every day i struggle with belief in the Judeo-Christian god.  mostly i go to the myth side.  but i will tell you this, the strongest argument for me against Christianity is the behavior of Christians. Christian means follower of Christ, right?

And this week, after the election of the most xenophobic, racist, misogynist president ever

I weep for us. And a Christian broke my heart




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