My dental student has graduated!

She’s a doctor now, and I know she’ll be great because she was so gracious and
compassionate with all my bat crap crazy
Before, I always addressed her by her first name but now she is Doctor……
I’m so happpy for her. I’m so sad for me..
Fortunately we completed all my work. 7 root canals, 7 crowns several fillings
perio treatment- yikes! one extraction. It was quite a lot, but one thing is good since it was all done at Nova SouthEastern University school of dentistry it
was very affordable
And the students are able to spend lots of time, most of my appointments were 4 to 5
hours. So you can really get to know one another and if you’re bat crap crazy like me you can work out some ways to get around that.
So good news bad news, she’s a doctor- Kudos!!! and I cried a lot! but maybe kudos there because before i started therapy and before i began this dental journey- the 2nd would never have happened without the first- i didn’t actually
experience feelings. so, uh…..yay me…I’m so depressed


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